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Aeromax Industries moves to Fort Worth, Texas

2019 – September, Aeromax Industries moved to Fort Worth, Texas where the company leased a 12,000 square foot facility in the Aledo Industrial Park in Tarrant County off I-20 and relocated all operations, including management, shipping, and receiving, engineering, marketing, and administration.

Aeromax Aquires Pacific Aerodyne

2018 – January, Aeromax acquired Pacific Aerodyne, Aeromax’s leading F5 parts manufacturing supplier, Pacific Aerodyne was in business for over 32 years, and was DLA approved. Through this business decision, Aeromax has expanded its international reach to the Australian Army, Navy and Air Force; has become an approved U.S Government Supplier; is ISO 9002 Compliant […]

Thomas Brizes Acquires Aeromax

2014– Thomas Brizes acquired Aeromax Industries Inc. With over 10 years of working on raw material engineering, specifically titanium, nickel, and high strength steels, Thomas incorporates his vast experience in assisting Aeromax customers in maintaining and upgrading their fleets.