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Northrop Grumman F5

The Northrop Grumman F5 is a light supersonic fighter. Although less complex than some contemporary aircraft, it was significantly cheaper to produce and operate. The F5 had its first unit delivered in 1964, and the last one in 1989. Approximately two-thirds of the original production of over 2600 units are still operating across 26 countries. The F5 […]

Lockheed C130

Lockheed’s long-lived C130 Hercules has enjoyed an incredible career and continues to serve over 60 nations in a variety of roles. It is sometimes forgotten that the C130 was the very first U.S. airplane, other than fighters and bombers, to use turbine engines. The C130 was introduced in 1954 and continues to be produced.  It […]

Lockheed P3

The Lockheed P3 Orion land-based maritime patrol and anti-submarine warfare aircraft is operational in the air forces of seventeen countries. Uniquely suited as the world’s premier multi-mission maritime long-endurance aircraft, the P3 performs air, surface, and subsurface patrol and reconnaissance tasks over extended periods and far from support facilities. More than 700 P3 aircraft were […]

Embraer T27

Designed in 1978 the T27 Tucano is a single-engine turboprop, low wing, equipped with a turbine Pratt & Whitney Canada PT6A-25C, driving a three-bladed propeller, with student and instructor sitting in tandem under a single hood, opening sidelong. The Tucano was a success in the international market of turboprop training aircraft, with the cockpit instruments […]