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Parts Sourcing Solutions

Aeromax provides high quality, timely, reliable parts sourcing services.

Our sales team is highly experienced in sourcing hard to find material; airframes, engine parts, and common hardware for Northrop Grumman F5 aircraft and GE J85 engine, Lockheed C130 and P3, Embraer T27, Bell Helicopter 412 and UH1, Sikorsky UH60, and many other platforms. 

Aeromax has acquired an extensive network of customers, manufacturers, and suppliers which enables us to regularly source a variety of parts, including parts not listed on search engines. Additionally, Aeromax has a large inventory of parts as well as a library composed of over 500,000 blueprints, standards, loft contours, and specifications that enable us to manufacture and engineer a wide variety of parts. 

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